空間への捧げもの/Offer to Place

滞在アーティストのAurora Del Rio さん(ドイツ在住イタリア人)が、西会津国際芸術村に隣接する旧小学校プールにてサウンドインスタレーションを行います。

| 会期 | 6.20 wed. – 6.30 sat.  10:00am-17:00pm (月・火は休館)
| 場所 |西会津国際芸術村隣接プール(旧新郷小学校プール)

<コンセプト/ Concept
プロジェクト協力者:田中吟翠(声)/Lavinia Bottamedi (サウンドレコーディング)

Four speakers will be installed in the swimming pool, oriented towards the swimming pool itself. The sound will be experienced from outside, people will not be able to access the enclosed area. The sound installation is thought as part of a new work on rituals I started recently. The idea is that of creating a ritual which has no connection to any belief system, with no purpose and no result. The swimming pool belonged to the former elementary school, now abandoned for lack of students. By introducing different soundscapes I intend to create a sense of displacement. The water will seem to produce sounds which do not belong to the context. The recordings of different types of water sound will take over the area, along with in-use swimming pool sounds, mountain waterfalls and the voice of an old woman singing traditional Japanese mountain songs. The ritual of the offer. the offer is our being here. It is the gift coming without being asked for. The movement of relinquish, the letting go, the let oneself go, the allow. The not holding. the movement which is accomplished against every sense, the useless movement. It is the surplus which becomes known through the uselessness of the making. it is the making itself, when deprived of its own nature, yet still existing. it is, and in this being it is only in a negative form, of impossibility of functioning, impossibility of form, of definition. the offer is the movement addressed towards nothing and with no outcome.
Project in collaboration with Ginsui Tanaka (voice) and Lavinia Bottamedi (sound recording).

Aurora Del Rio PROFILE/プロフィール>
オーロラ・デル・リオ、イタリア生まれ。イタリア/スペイン人のヴィジュアルアーティスト。ペインティングやパフォーマンス、執筆を組み合わせた制作活動を行なっている。ボローニャ芸術アカデミー卒業、Transart Institute(ベルリン/ニューヨーク)修了。彼女のアート研究のトピックは、「ジェンダーアイデンティティ」、「抑圧」と「失敗」。

Aurora Del Rio is an Italian/Spanish visual artist born in Italy. She incorporates painting, performance and writing into her practice. She holds a BA in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, and an MFA degree from Transart Institute Berlin/New York. Her artistic research investigates the topics of gender identity, oppression and failure.